Berita Indonesia Edit

Tempat Tanggal Judul
Sulu, Filipina 2010/06/13 Dinar Dirham Segera Kembali di Kesultanan Sulu. Abdalghany A.
Cilincing, Jakut 2010/06/04 Wakaf 46 Dirham untuk Produsen Makanan. Sufyan al Jawi.

Berita Inggris Edit

Tempat Tanggal Judul
Kuala Lumpur 2010/06/04 Sultanate of Sulu declares independence and chooses Shariah currency
Balikpapan 2010/05/31 Another Roadshow to East Kalimantan
Medan 2010/05/20 The Return of Dinar and Dirham in the Land of Deli Sultanate
Dubai 2010/05/19 Gulf gold to go: for the urge to splurge
Austria 2010/05/17 Austrian Mint gold sales surge on panic buying

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